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and infrastructure for effective Oil & Gas Recovery

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About CapeOmega

CapeOmega is an oil and gas company aiming to effectively maximise oil and gas production through effective recovery and infrastructure solutions.

This will be attained through:

  • Making strategic field and infrastructure investments
  • Using fit for purpose technologies
  • Ensuring effective management of offshore installations and infrastructure

CapeOmega takes its name from a cape on the coast of Queen Maud’s Land, near the Omega Glacier. It is believed to be one of the cleanest places on earth, and represents our commitment to maintaining a strong environmental focus.

The company is backed by the leading private equity investor Partners Group.

With decades of successful oil and gas exploration and production, the Norwegian Continental Shelf continues to be a leading oil and gas region in all phases of Oil and Gas operations.

CapeOmega will seek to capture the value potential in producing fields by investing in remaining resources through IOR & EOR initiatives.  The company will also assess prospects in immediate areas to our licenses to support optimized area development.

CapeOmega will seek to acquire key infrastructure that supports services to production assets and transmission of oil and gas to European markets.

CapeOmega will be an active partner, supporting efficient solutions and sound management of oil and gas resources and infrastructure.

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 Solheimsgaten 7E, 5058 Bergen, Norway
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We bring a professional and effective approach to every project we work on.

CapeOmega’s approach

As a license partner, CapeOmega believes value creation in oil and gas fields comes from continuous evaluations and investments. Reservoir evaluation and data acquisition combined with lean operations can reveal new business opportunities. These can lead to activities such as well maintenance and infill drilling. Additionally, plugging and abandonment in a timely manner, balanced with ongoing production and other operations, can enhance safety and reduce overall field costs.

We will actively look for opportunities to reduce production decline. Our primary goal is to maintain base production as long as possible and to realize opportunities aimed to increase recovery or add reserves with near-field exploration.